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                   P. O. Box A15, Cape Coast. C/R. Ghana - West Africa.                          Tel: +233-423-2203/5469 Fax: +233-423-5469
 Our Motto: MODZENBO WIE NKUNYIMDZI     Meaning; "Hardwork Results in Success"
Front view of the Classroom blockBACKGROUND:

Cape Coast Technical Institute was established in 1955 as a Private Post Middle School by Mr. Joseph Kadesh Abraham.  It was then called College of Architechture.

The courses offered at that time was geared toward Building Construction. The School's name metamorphosed to become Cape Coast Technical Institute when the government took over the school in 1976. Cape Coast Techniclal has seen many progressive changes over the years. Currently it is one of the best Technical schools in the Country.

The student population stands at 987.  There are 899 males and 88 females. Additional 8 students offer advance courses in Catering, Fashion and Plumbing.

The staff strength stands at 99 excluding National Service Persons; 73 males and 26 females.


The school is located in Ghana in West Africa. It is in the Central Region of Ghana and situated at a town called Abura. Its unique structures makes it outstanding.

A female student(Lily) operating a machine at the Mechanical DepartmentMISSION:

The Mission of the school is to strive to provide the students with knowledge, values and competencies in technological skills to develop desirable qualities of mind to enable them fit and perform in the world of work

Also to strengthen the Mathematics, Science and the English Language base to enable those who wish to progress academically, may be able to do so in the nearest future as well as to sensitize and develop their interest in entrepreneurial skills to enable them self employ.


Our vision for the near future is to provide the necessary well equipped infracture like classrooms, laboratories/workshops, offices for Head of Department and Administrative Staff, and staff accommodation which are the major problems in the school. Currently it is only the Principal who is accommodated on the school compound.

A teacher helping a student in classPROGRAMMES/COURSES OFFERED:

Programmes offered are of pure technical specialization, purposely to train students to take up jobs in industry.   They include the following:

          • Block laying
          • Building Draughtsmanship
          • Carpentry and Joinery
          • Catering (Intermediate and Advanced)
          • Furniture
          • Mechanical Engineering Craft Practice
          • Motor Vehicle Mechanics
          • Painting and Decorating
          • Plumbing craft (Intermediate and Advanced)
          • Refrigeration and Air-conditioning
          • Electronics (Radio and TV) Technology
          • Fashion and Design Technology

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